Community Based Research

Community Based Research

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What is community based research?  For the basic definition, please visit the website of the Center for Community Based Research, an independent, non-profit organization located in Kitchener, Ontario, one of the Funding Partners of UCP-SARnet and also its Knowledge Partner.  

The Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) is focused on strengthening communities through social research.  Founded in 1982, CCBR believes in the power of knowledge to impact positive social change.  It is passionate about bringing people together to use knowledge to provide real and innovative solutions to community needs. Their approach to research is participatory and action-oriented in a way that mobilizes people to participate as full and equal members of society. Community members, marginalized groups, community organizations, government ministries, social and health services, and educational institutions all collaborate with them and benefit from their work. They receive no core funding, relying on an entrepreneurial spirit in collaboration with their many partners to start new projects.

How can we organize a community based research project?  Here is a link to a short, but interesting, article by Kelly Behrend: "Guide to Understanding Community Based Research (CBR) and How to Make It Happen On Your Campus".

Are there any networks organizing people and organizations interested in community based research?  By following this link, you will find information about one of the newest and most dynamic networks: Community Based Research Canada (CBRC).


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