Millennium Development Goals

Millenium Development Goals

In the year 2000, the United Nations challenged the world by setting eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) addressing major global issues. Although after nine years of efforts aimed at meeting these goals we may see visible progress, all involved parties agree that finding solutions to global issues requires further multicultural dialogue and expansion of global partnerships. Meeting MDGs by the year 2015 also requires further expansion of e-governance, which involves a public investment in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to strengthen governance processes.

E-governance has two essential aims:

To enhance government and public institution efficiency, transparency and accountability by providing better public service and information delivery to citizens and others;
To foster greater interaction between government institutions and the people, thus giving greater voice to citizens in governance processes.

Inspired by the World Civic Forum in Seoul (May 2009) and the work of theUN Department of Economic and Social Affairs we decided to make our own contribution to the achievement of MDGs by including e-governance ideas and disseminating knowledge about MDGs in training a new generation of community leaders.

Therefore, we will promote the role of university-community partnerships and the importance of community-based participatory action research in the education of community leaders. We will continue facilitating a multicultural dialogue, allowing leaders of tomorrow to better understand the impact that cultural, social and economic context has on the realization of MDGs. We will encourage our members to discover the most effective ways of creating such social context for the realization of achieving MDGs that will make partnerships a norm for every public institution.


By clicking on any of the MDG listed below you will be taken to the page with the links to: MDG Monitor, Data and Progress Map, Videos, Publications, Organizations and Community Projects.  For information about the realization of MDGs in countries where we have our members, please explore our Regional Efforts folders

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