Faith Based Community Organizations

Faith Based Community Organizations Against Poverty

This is a new initiative of UCP-SARnet that is included in the network's plans for the year 2011 to be continued until 2014. As a result of initial discussions with the members of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, leaders of faith based organizations, and members of faith communities, we concluded that there is a need to not only expand involvement of faith communities in social action, but also invite closer interfaith collaboration aimed on the UN Millennium Development Goals. One of them is eradicating poverty and this goal seems to be congruent with the missions of all faith based communities.

Therefore we intend to invite the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions, local governmental agencies responsible for collaboration with faith based organizations and diversified faith communities involved in social action,  to jointly work towards achieving this goal and present results of this action at the next summit of Parliament of Religions in 2014.

This semester students of Community Psychology class at Arizona State University will write a semester project on the topic "Role of Faith Based Community Organizations in Realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals in...(each student will focus on a different target country). These projects will allow the student to initiate contact with faith based organizations worldwide and invite them to organize STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY events.  With the intermediation of our regional coordinators and other interfaith international organizations we will attempt to stimulate collaboration between various churches.

We are opening a new blog called Faith Communities Against Poverty. If you are UCP-SARnet member and you are interested in taking part in this initiative, please participate in our blog. If you are not a member and you are interested in collaboration with us, please contact us at

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