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UCP-SARnet in Africa ~ Regional efforts


Collaboration with Cameroon on Education of Community Leaders


On November 29 His Excellency Adoum Garoua, Minister of State for Youth Affairs in Cameroon met with Dr. Marek Wosinski and Osee Romeo Njacheun to discuss plans of collaboration between the government of Cameroon and UCP-SARnet on education of future community leaders. Mr. Ayuketah Oswald Tambe, (Jurist/C.PJ.A),National Director, Duke of Edinburgh Award International Association, and Technical Adviser of the Minister. This meeting was preceded by presenting our plans of collaboration with Cameroon to Ms. Mignon Turner from the Public Affairs Section in the US Embassy in Yaounde(Cameroon).

UCP-SARnet presented a plan of creating a model of collaboration between the government, local universities, community organizations and global organizations involved in realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals. This model with the support of African Union and World Youth Alliance could be implemented in other African countries. Minister Adoum Garoua promised his support for the project and advised close collaboration between UCP-SARnet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Youth Affairs in Cameroon, as well as with the US Embassy in Cameroon.


 the 18th September 2010, the University Community Partnership for Social Action and Research Network (UCP SARnet) in collaboration with Youth Alliance The Gambia jointly organized the Global "STAND UP " Event with the Theme: "STAND UP-TAKE ACTION -MAKE NOISE FOR THE MDGs" as part of the ongoing effort of UCP-SARnet to engage, educate and empower a new generation of community leaders in Africa, and to build a global community of students & youths, university faculties, members of local governments engaged in searching for solutions to the most pressing global issues of our time articulated in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

As as matter of fact, the stand up Event of that year was articulated in the eradication of poverty and we believe that the youths, spearhead of the nation can play an important role in the fight against poverty and will help assist the government in this process. The event gave youths the opportunity to discuss the challenges ahead in the context of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals especially among youths as a new partnership for local development. The session was later moved to a workshop group sessions (Questions & Answers) and was moderated by Mr. Mahawa Njie (Secretary General-Youth alliance, Department of State for Education in the Gambia.


UCPSARnet registered in the Republic of Ghana as a Non-profit Organization

In 2000 Ghana joined about 189 other countries in adopting the UN Millennium Declaration, which lays out eight time bound development goals that have come to be known as the Millennium Development goals. Ghana showed a great deal of commitment by anchoring and mainstreaming the MDGs into the Ghana Poverty Reduction strategy (GPRS) I and II, and recently, the draft Ghana shared Growth Development 2010-2013. UCP-SARnet-Ghana was consequently formed in November 2010 and officially registered as an NGO with provision of the section 27 and 28 of the Company Act of 1963 (amended Act179)of the Republic of Ghana.

The goal of UCP-SARnet-Ghana is to build a community of students, university faculties, community activists and members of local governments engaged in the search for solutions to the most pressing global issues of our time articulated in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. UCPSARnet-Ghana aims to contribute to the education of community leaders by inspiring partnerships between universities, community organizations, governments and corporate businesses and promoting community engaged projects.


Potential areas of collaboration between the Government of Liberia and the University Community Partnership for Social Action Research (UCPSARnet).

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On Friday, 6th April 2012, His Excellency Mr. Joseph Boakai, the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia accompanied by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Miatta Beyslow, NIC Executive Director, Ciatta Bishop and His Excellency the Liberia's Ambassador to the United States met with the UCPSARnet composed of Dr. Marek Wosinski (Facilitator ) Osee Romeo Njacheun (Associate Facilitator), and Abigail Miller (ASU Student).

The meeting was on the occasion of the Symposium on Trade and Investment Opportunities in Liberia organized by AMI Consultants, Inc. and sponsored by the Arizona District Export Council. In his letter inviting participation in this symposium the Vice President Joseph N. Boakai was stressing the importance of vocational training of youth as critical to the building of the nation economy.


Collaboration with World Youth Alliance in Nairobi (Kenya)

The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing nations. It trains young people to work at the regional and international levels to impact policy and culture. Through this lived experience of the dignity of the person, young people are able to affirm life at all levels of society.

WYA has regional chapters on all continents. The headquarters of WAY Africa are located in Nairobi, Kenya, and they have regional offices in numerous African countries. To promote its mission WAY provides various options for training for young leaders and each year organizes several regional and world conferences. UCP-SARnet had a privilege to attend the conference "2011 Africa Emerging Leaders: Population and Economics: Investing in African Youths" held on November 24-27 in Nairobi (Kenya) with participation of about 70 young leaders from 17 African countries (names of the countries). The conference should get merit for creating a program that was congruent with our mission as the goal of the conference was to presenting population solutions of economic and social problems that are relevant for many African countries. Such alternatives are: building capacity of individuals and communities, presenting role models, leadership training, fighting with hypocrisy and corruption by instilling strong ethical values in all members of the society. Everybody agreed that Africa has a greater potential not only in natural resources, but also in youth: 41% of Africa's population are below the 15 years of age.

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