Regional Efforts

Regional Efforts

Learn about different countries and what is going on with their development and how they are working towards reaching the UN Milennium Goals.

By clicking on the name of a region, you will be taken to list of the countries in that region where UCP-SARnet has members and/or Regional Coordinators.

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Not a UCP-SARnet Member?

Our pages contain a great deal of content that can be utilized in preparing a new generation of community leaders to address the global issues of our time on a local level. Although the content of the folders listed above is viewable for all visitors, only UCP-SARnet members can contribute new thematic sub-folders, post document files, pictures and videos, as well as participate in the discussion forum.

We invite our members to :

  • Post materials illustrating the impact that cultural, economic and social context has on organization and effectiveness of community projects throughout the world;
  • Share their contribution to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals in different countries; 
  • Open new topics and facilitate discussion through our Forums;
  • Build new partnerships and initiate collaboration on new projects and reports related to the MDGs.

Please submit an online application if you wish to become a member.


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