EmPeace LABS 2013 Jalgaon


Empowerment for Peace through Leadership
in Agribusiness & Sustainability

EmPeace LABS 2013

Headquarters of Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd., Gandhi Research Foundation, Jain Hills, Jalgaon (Maharashtra, India). 

October 19 - 26, 2013


As the signature initiative of the EmPeace LABS project, the workshop created an opportunity for young community leaders to initiate collaboration across borders by learning from each other. With the help of local and invited experts, participants searched for effective strategies of reducing poverty in rural communities and learned how to organize relevant leadership trainings in their home countries.


Reflections from the workshop

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Information on Participating Countries

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Date: 02/15/2012 Description: Official flag of Benin, 2012. © CIA World Factbook   Benin


Date: 02/15/2012 Description: Flag of The Cameroon: three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), red, and yellow, with a yellow five-pointed star centered in the red band; the vertical tricolor recalls the flag of France; red symbolizes unity, yellow the sun, happiness, and the savannahs in the north, and green hope and the forests in the south; the star is referred to as the ''star of unity'' (CIA World Factbook) - State Dept Image  Cameroon

Flag of Ethiopia is three equal horizontal bands of green at top, yellow, and red with a yellow pentagram and five yellow rays on a light blue disk centered on the three bands. 2003.  Ethiopia

Date: 02/21/2012 Description: Official flag of Ghana, 2012 © CIA World Factbook  Ghana


Flag of Kenya is three equal horizontal bands of black at top, red, and green; red band is edged in white; large warriors shield covering crossed spears is superimposed at center. 2004.  Kenya


 Description: Flag of Nigeria is three equal vertical bands of green on hoist side, white, and green. 2003.  Nigeria

small_flag_of_nepal.jpg      Nepal

Date: 02/08/2012 Description: Official flag of Rwanda © CIA World Factbook Rwanda

Date: 07/11/2011 Description: Official flag of the new Republic of South Sudan - State Dept Image  South Sudan

Date: 02/10/2012 Description: Official flag of Tanzania © CIA World Factbook  Tanzania


Flag of Uganda is six equal horizontal bands of black - top - yellow, red, black, yellow, and red; white disk is superimposed at center and depicts red-crested crane facing hoist side.  Uganda

Date: 02/08/2012 Description: Official flag of Zimbabwe, 2012 © CIA World Fact Book  Zimbabwe


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