Key Achievements

Key Achievements

To fully recognize UCP-SARnet's achievements please acknowledge that the network has been created and governed by students and community activists.  Wiith the support of university faculty they have been tirelessly working as volunteers, interns or undergraduate research assistants on building the portal and developing the network. As a result of their commitment we have:

1. Built a network of above 1000 members in 61 countries, and developed knowledge partnerships with 17 international organizations and recruited 24 organizational members.

2. Created a strong international Leadership Team that includes coordinators for all regions of the world.

3. With the help of IGLOO and our international ICT Team created a user friendly, interactive and modern online portal.

4. Presented UCP-SARnet to the participants of numerous international conferences:  Community Psychology Conference (Lisbon); Community Psychology Conference (Poland), CU Expo 2009 (Canada), GAID Global Forum (Monterrey, Mexico), GAID Forum (New York, USA), GAID Global Forum (Abu Dhabi), and CU Expo 2011 (Canada)

5. Developed the following courses based on UCP-SARnet portal: Introduction to Community Action and Research, Community Psychology, Multicultural Perspective on Community Leadership.

6. Organized in China two virtual events entitled "Bridging the World".

7. Registered our first regional NGO UCP-SARnet The Gambia.

8. Created the online library of resources that can be utilized in education of community leaders.

As the development of the network is a dynamic process, we constatly modify our plans, add new projects and think about new creative ways of contribution to acheving the UN Millennium Development Goals.


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