EmPeace LABS High School Clubs

So far the membership of UCP-SARnet is build of college students, university faculty and community activists, but starting next year we want also reach out also to high school students by creating EmPeace LABS Student Clubs. We believe that this will allow us to reach out to a group of potential community leaders at the early stage of their educational career and prepare them to take a leadership role already when they will reach college. 
Therefore this year we would like to  experimentally create EmPeace LABS Clubs in three high schools:  Anubhuti School in Jalgaon, India (http://www.anubhutischool.in), Ananda Bhumi Boarding High School in Kathmandu, Nepal (http://www.anandabhumi.edu.np) and one of the high schools in Arizona.
Our plan is to create EmPeace LABS clubs in these three schools with the mentoring support from the ASU Student Club the Forks for Change that will facilitate collaboration among the clubs and help in organization of students exchange between these schools.

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