Goals for 2011

Goals for 2011

Based on the experience gained from projects conducted in the year 2010, UCP-SARnet's Executive Team decided to focus the network's energies in 2011 on the goals listed below.  The plan is very ambitious and its realization will depend both on human resources as well as on the availability of funding.  For these reasons, one of the main tasks for the Leadership Team will be to begin an intense fundraising campaign.  In the year 2011, UCP-SARnet is planning to fulfill its mission by:

1. Continuing work on the model of a community-based college (Gandhi College of Social Work in India).

2. Continuing work on co-organization of the Community-University Exposition in Waterloo (Canada) on May 2011.

3.  Continuing work on the online Professional Development Training for community leaders.

4. Organization of the Bridging the World Virtual Events.

5. Providing support for the implementation of MDG eNabler created by the Global Alliance for ICT and Development.

6. Organization of Stand Up Against Poverty events.

7. Organization of the Global Leadership Tour to China.

8. Co-organizing the first Global Leadership Summer Summit.

9.  Creating on our website a community space for faith based community organizations and programs.

10.  Expanding collaboration with universities, community colleges, research institutes, global online networks, global national/international associations and foundations worldwide.

11.  Inviting community organizations in countries where we have members to join the network as organizational members.

12. Revitalizing existing teams of Regional Coordinators and create new teams in countries where we have members.

13. Continue upgrading and restructuring UCP-SARnet's portal to make it more interactive.  We will also reorganize the labeling system used on our website.

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