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About Pokhara University

Nepal adopted the multi-university concept in 1983. The idea of Pokhara University (PU) was conceived in 1986; however, it was established only in 1997 under the Pokhara University Act, 1997. The Incumbent Honorable Prime Minister and the Honorable Minister for Education of the Federal Democratic Republic Nepal are the Chancellor and the Pro-Chancellor, respectively.  The Chancellor appoints the Vice Chancellor, the principal executive officer of the university. The Registrar is designated to assist him/her in financial management and general administration. A non-profit autonomous institution, PU is partly funded by the Government of Nepal and partly by revenues from its students and affiliated colleges.

Objectives of Pokhara University

  • produce adept human resource in science and technology, humanities and management, and law and education for nation building
  • encourage the participation of private sectors in higher education through extension programs
  • create healthy, disciplined, result-oriented academic environment that focuses on higher education
  • promote competitive and quality higher education through fair competition
  • accelerate socio-economic transformation in line with community services

Major Activities

Pokhara university has started its academic activities as guided by the Government's act since 1996. Its main function is to produce skilled human resources necessary for the national development by providing quality education. In order to achieve such objectives, Semester system based curriculum and evaluation were carried out with high priority to practical knowledge and researches

  • Pokhara University developed its four constituent schools where Bachelor's and Master's Degrees programs are running.
  • Pokhara University has started its programs with private participation. At present, there are 49 academic institutions under its affiliation where Bachelor, Master, M.Phil and Ph.D.degrees programs are running.
  • Pokhara University has constructed Administrative and Academics Buildings at Dhungepatan, Lekhnath, Kaski. Other physical infrastructure are in the process of development.

Click on the following link to access our website: http://pu.edu.np/university

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