International Leadership Summit in China 2012

May 1, 2012

 To:        Registrants for the 2012 Summit

From:   Jerrie Ueberle and the International Leadership Summit Partners

Re:        Cancellation of the Summit

 On behalf of Global Interactions Inc. and organizing partners Thunderbird School of Global Management, UCP-SARnet, and theWorldAcademyfor the Future of Women, I regretfully inform you that the International Leadership Summit planned for July 2012 is being cancelled this year as we have not attracted a sufficient amount of participants to cover the costs for this initiative.

 There are several factors that have caught our attention during preparations for this event namely the cost of the event being too high for potential participants from developing countries who would be most attracted to the workshop, the three week duration of the summit being too long for people to accommodate into their summer plans, and despite there being an urgency for this type of training, we have overestimated the global awareness of such a need.

 We hope that this experience will not discourage you from collaboration on our projects in the future. Any deposit you have made towards registration for the International Leadership Summit will be refunded to you promptly. And we encourage you to continue to support projects that aim to reshape the world through leadership, entrepreneurship, and social change especially in relation to accomplishment of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals.

 The University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet) is planning another international leadership training this year in Jalgaon, Indian.  It will be  for only one week and fully sponsored by the Gandhi Research Foundation. Participants will be responsible only for the travel cost. Contact UCP-SARnet for more details.

 We would like to thank you very much for your support for this initiative and to commend your willingness to take part in something with so much potential to bring about change to you, to your communities, and to meeting global development needs. 

 With the kindest regards,

Jerrie Ueberle

President, Global Interactions, Inc.


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