The President's Interfaith Campus Challenge

ASU Interfaith Campus Challenge

UCP-SARnet is one of the partners implementing on ASU campus the President's Intgerfaitch Campus Challenge initiative. Please  CLICK HERE to open the community space for this project.

We hope that the immediate impact of the interfaith service initiative at ASU will be to significantly increase service and volunteerism by students, such that service becomes a widely shared and normative value among them.  We hope that diverse groups of students will get to know one another as they serve together, building relational bridges across religious, ethnic, cultural, and class divides.  We hope that these changes will bring about a culture shift in the campus and community. 

Another immediate impact will be the conference planned for Monday, April 23, 2012, at the ASU Tempe campus.  We desire to collaborate with the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships to host a "Connecting Communities for the Common Good" conference.  Our plan is for ASU students and faculty who have lead the interfaith service initiative to meet with business, government, nonprofit, and faith leaders from throughout Arizona.  The goal of the conference is to discuss solutions to the most critical challenges of our state and build new collaborative partnerships to implement these solutions.  This purpose is consistent with the mission of former ASU President Lattie Coor in his work with the Center for the Future of Arizona and The Arizona We Want Institute (  

Further, the issues addressed in the conference can be informed by ASU's Morrison Institute for Public Policy ( and by the Arizona Indicators project ( The Governor's ArizonaSERVES task force ( and the Arizona Council for Faith-based and Community Initiatives ( are potential partners.  The engagement of these and many other community partners would greatly increase the impact and sustainability of the conference.  In turn, ASU would be positively impacted by being the focal point for this catalytic conference.



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