AUSAID Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal for AUSAID

With Dr. R. Aggarwal from the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability as a Principal Investigator we submitted a grant proposal to AUSAID.

Topic: Designing sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene interventions through community partnerships, women's leadership training and action oriented education

Synopsis Women are key to creating sustainable services and improving public health outcomes but tend to be marginalized in decision making processes. We will conduct a comparative analysis of women's participation in community partnerships for water and sanitation delivery in Kenya, Ghana and India. We will then develop educational tools to support women's leadership and equip communities with participatory water testing and hygiene promotion skills. Using participatory action research strategy, we will evaluate the impact of these tools on public health and sustainable partnerships. New learning centers in participating countries will build capacity for research and action.

Background: The proposed project has evolved out of long discussions and consultations among members of University Community Partnerships for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet), a growing online network of 1600 students, university faculty, and community activists in 70 countries. Co-PI (Wosinski) is facilitator and PI (Aggarwal) is a member of the advisory board of

UCP-SARnet. The mission of UCP-SARnet is to educate a new generation of community leaders for achieving the Millennium Development Goals through building partnerships between universities, community organizations, governments, and corporate businesses.

In June 2012, UCP-SARnet entered into a partnership with Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF), NGO in India) and Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd. (JISL), a multinational organization with global presence in 120 countries based in Jalgaon, India. As a result of the exchange of ideas between these and other partners an umbrella project called Empowerment for Peace through Leadership in Agribusiness and Sustainability (EmPeace LABS) was launched.

Key personnel of this project have been heavily engaged in planning for the first International Leadership Training Workshop  held in India in October 2012. 

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