What We Do

UCP-SARnet utilizes information and communication technologies (ICT) to educate and empower current and future community leaders by helping them effectively address the pressing global issues of our time, articulated in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. We facilitate networking among our individual members, organizational members and knowledge partners.  Finally, we help develop partnerships between universities, community organizations, local governments and corporate businesses.

This is achieved by:

  1. Disseminating knowledge about MDGs and providing a platform for the multicultural exchange of visions, ideas, and practices aimed at MDGs
  2. Co-organizing international conferences related to MDGs
  3. Organizing virtual events by bringing together community activists, university faculty and students from different parts of the world to discuss effective ways of addressing community needs
  4. Promoting projects addressing MDGs and assiting our organizational members in developing new projects;
  5. Offering community related courses based on the UCP-SARnet portal
  6. Providing information about educational opportunities for current and future community leaders
  7. Matching volunteers with volunteering needs of our organizational members and knowledge partners
  8. Promoting the mission and projects of our organizational members and knowledge partners.

Please use the navigation on the left to access information about our key achievements and current projects.

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