Youth Alliance for Justice and Peace

Youth Alliance for Justice and Peace

 Alliance of various experience youth from different organizations here in Sierra Leone who are highly determined to install the necessary positive awareness, tolerance, peace, self-confidence, and working culture in the minds of Sierra Leone youth, which will enable them to actively and efficiently participate and contribute to sustainable economic development in Sierra Leone.  Hence, successful efficient eradication of poverty within the shores of Sierra Leone.  The organization aim at creating the requisite opportunities for Sierra Leone youth to fully explore, and catch up with other highly determined positively minded global youth, to ensure active positive change by youth around the globe with sincere respect for human rights.

UCP-SARnet's member since 2011

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Address: 14b Williams Street, Porty-Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Phone: +23233583318/23277219385
Contact person: Mr. Mahmud Tim Kargbo

Governing Body

Established: September 5, 2010
Executive Officer: Mr. Mahmud Tim Kargbo

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