Somali Family Services (SFS)

ussf_logo.pngSomali Family Services

SFS programs work in collaboration with Diakonia - Sweden, National Endowment for Democracy, UNDP, UNFPA, Books For Africa, Counterpart International, UNICEF, and the World Movement for Democracy. 
"[SFS ] over the years has worked to develop overlapping programs that strengthen one another conceptually through interlocking relationships. The vision and capacity of implementation shown by SFS makes it one of our effective partners," Eric Robinson, National Endowment for Democracy.  

UCP-SARnet's member since 2010 

Featured Project :

1)    Democratic Engagement for Somalia
2)    Strengthening The Communication between CSOs and  Government
3)    Rethinking and Restructuring the Current System

 Program /Activities :

1)    Youth Empowerment
2)    Democracy and Good Governance
3)    Literacy and Skill Training

Funding Needs

There are no funding needs at this time

Collaboration with UCP-SARNET


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Address : 3129 Tyler Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA
Phone : (001) 612-203-9650

Staff : Abdurashid Ali (, )

Management Team:

Executive Director : Abdurashid Ali

Contact person : Abdurashid Ali

Governing Body

Accountant : Jennie Kratzer,
Senior Advisor : Abshir Abshir,
 Program Coordinator : Nafisa Abdirahman, 
Development Program Director : Travis Burke,
Senior Development Intern : Adam Diehl,
Admin and Finance : Muno Khalif

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