Global Alliance for Community Based Research (GACER)


Created by representatives at the Community University Expo Conference for which a Declaration of The Global Alliance was made to promote Community-Engaged Research as a fundamental means to contributing to human betterment by the sharing of knowledge across the world.

Newsletter:   Global Alliance on Community-Engaged Research 2011 Update

                       GACER 2011 Brochure

Konwledge Partner since 2009  


Collaboration with UCP-SARnet


Updates on events, projects and opporutnities:

1. CU Expo May 2011


Link to the  website 

To contact/join CBRC and/or the Global Alliance fill out the membership form on our member's page or email with your contact information and we will add you to our e-news list.

Also check back with this website as we build it as a resource for you and other practitioners. We are actively encouraging participants to get involved in our work. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome, please do contact our Coordinator:

Emily Little at 
c/o the Office of Community Based Research, University of Victoria, 
Tel. 250-472-4171, Fax 250-472-4358. PO Box 3030 STN CSC, 
Victoria BC V8T 2H2 Canada

Executive members of CBRC's Steering Committee can be contacted as follows:

Katherine Graham, Chair, Carleton University

Budd Hall, Secretary, University of Victoria


Executive members of the Global Alliance Steering Committee can be contacted as follows:

Rajesh Tandon, Participatory Research Institute Asia, India

Dr. Lean Chan Heng, Science University, Penang, Malaysia

Norbert Steinhaus, Living Knowledge Network,

Peter Taylor, University of Sussex, England

Budd Hall, University of Victoria, Canada 

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