We would like to express our deep gratitude to all who offered us their advice and support at various stages of this project.

  • Barto, Henry, University Technology Office, ASU 
  • Brenton, Shawn, Office of Corporate Relations, ASU Foundation 
  • Crnic, Keith, PhD, Chair, Department of Psychology, ASU 
  • Dalton, James, PhD, Department of Psychology, Bloomsburg University 
  • Delago, Gary, Research Information Systems and Training, ASU 
  • Ekin, Terrie Lee, Director, Research Administration Office, ASU 
  • Eliasz, Andrzej, Ph.D., President, Warsaw School of Psychology (Poland) 
  • Fisher, Adrian, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne, (Australia) 
  • Garcia, Eugene, PhD, Vice President for Education Partnerships, ASU 
  • Goodnick, Stephen M., Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research, ASU 
  • Gligorevic, Tijana, (ASU student) Harper, Gary, Professor, DePaul University (USA) 
  • Krell, Vicki, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration, ASU 
  • Linne, Gill, PhD, Dean, College of Health and Human Services, University of Phoenix 
  • Loui, Kimberly, Executive Director of University Initiatives, ASU 
  • Matthews, Geoffrey, (ASU student) Mabee, Stephanie, Technical Support Analyst, Training and Web Management, ASU 
  • Mullins, Guy, M.A., Applied Learning Technologies Institute, ASU 
  • Nelson, Geoffrey, PhD, Chair, Department of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) 
  • Quaraishi, Jennifer,(ASU student) Reich, John, PhD, Department of Psychology, ASU 
  • Reykowski, Janusz, PhD, Past President of the International Society of Political Psychology, SWPS (Poland)
  • Rock, Anthony, Vice President for Global Engagement, ASU 
  • Sannier, Adrian, PhD, University Technology Officer, ASU 
  • Shetty, Rakesh, M.Eng. (ASU alumni) Sobieralski, Damian, Technology Systems Analyst Senior, ASU 
  • Swift, Carolyn, Former President of the Society for Community Research and Action. 
  • Switzer, Carol, Director, Summer Sessions and Study Abroad, ASU 
  • Teo, Adrian, Technology Architect, ASU.EDU Web Services 
  • Tiger, Fern, Fern Tiger Associates Wilkinson, Sharon, Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives, CLAS, ASU 
  • Wosinska, Marta, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

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