Sponsor UCP-SARnet

By becoming our sponsor a corporation will implement the principle of corporate responsibility by supporting the education of future community leaders, at the same time making the corporation visible to a very specific target audience worldwide: university faculty, students, community leaders, community professionals and government officials. UCP-SARnet invites two types of sponsorship:

Principle Sponsors

A Principal Sponsor is expected to provide major funding for the UCP-SARnet that would cover administrative and technical costs related to the maintenance of the Internet platform, as well as to secure its further expansion of the network.

A corporation that becomes a Principal Sponsor will have its own page on the UCP-SARnet website relating information about the company  with links to the corporation's own business websites.  Information about a sponsor's new initiatives, plans and contact persons will be also posted there.

If the staff delegated by a sponsoring corporation decides to become members of UCP-SARnet, they will have an opportunity to join international networks focusing on specific issues that might be of interest to the sponsor. Representatives of the Principal Sponsor will be invited to all events organized by UCP-SARnet and information about the sponsor's organization will be disseminated at these events. A member of the Executive Staff or Board of Directors of our Principal Sponsor will be invited to become part of the UCP-SARnet International Advisory Board. 

Supporting Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors are expected to provide funds for specific events and projects including conferences, workshops, and publication of materials from particular conferences. We will also need sponsors that can support initiatives of our Regional Coordinators in a specific country, such as publication of newsletters disseminating knowledge about community needs and organizations, volunteering opportunities and the level of funding needed in these countries.

The list of supporting sponsors will contain links to their organizations, while information about their businesses will also be disseminated at the sponsored event and on relevant pages of our website. If a sponsor is funding a particular conference or workshop, the sponsor can provide us with relevant informational materials to be disseminated during the event. 

If you have a suggestion which organization could be a potential sponsor for UCP-SARnet projects, please send your suggestion via email (ucpsarnet@gmail.com) with the subject header "sponsorship".

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