Regional Ambassadors

Regional Ambassadors

Initially UCP-SARnet envisioned Regional Coordinators as constituting an international group of community activists who serve in their respective countries as ambassadors for UCP-SARnet while also serving as facilitators for collaboration between local community organizations, universities, and governments involved in the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Regional Coordinators also were expected to provide local content to the UCP-SARnet's online library of resources to make the community work in their country visible worldwide.

Unfortunately, with few exceptions UCP-SARnet has not been very successful with the realization of this vision. Therefore beginning the year 2013 we decided to invite community organizations that are our organizational members to volunteer coordination of UCP-SARnet's activities in their regions. 


Community organizations representing UCP-SARnet in their respective regions and are ambassadors of the network for their region and facilitate collaboration and activities that aid in the actualization of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) within their region. Specifically, they promote the development of the EmPeace LABS Network.


  • Becoming a regional representative of UCP-SARnet will give to the organization priority for becoming the network's partner in applying for funding of community projects. 
  • The organization will also be invited to participate in all relevant grant proposals for projects coordinated by UCP-SARnet in frame of EmPeace LABS project.
  • President/CEO of organization representing UCP-SARnet in its region will become member of UCP-SARnet International Leadership Team. 


Community organization representing UCP-SARnet should delegate one member of its Leadership Team (or one Staff member) to be responsible for coordination of relevant activities.  Specifically, they will be expected to:

Be an individual  member of UCP-SARnet as well as a part of an organization that is an organizational member of our network;
Participate in virtual meetings/conferences with the UCP-SARnet International Leadership Team as required;
Regularly familiarize himself/herself with the status of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and especially those related to the organization's region;
Recruit new individual and organizational members for UCP-SARnet;
Each year identify at least one potential local or global funding source that could support the mission of UCP-SARnet in the region;
After each six months of service submit to the International Leadership Team  a brief report on accomplishments and a plan for the next half a year; 

Organizations representing UCP-SARnet are not authorized to initiate and make any financial commitments on behalf of UCP-SARnet without an approval of the UCP-SARnet's Leadership Team.

How to Apply

If your organization is UCP-SARnet member and would be interested in becoming a Regional Ambassador, please send a message to the network facilitator.

If your organization would like to become an organizational member and serve as an Ambassador, please CLICK HERE for information how to apply for the membership.

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