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We invite local community organizations and community related research centers to join our network as organizational members.  Our goal is to make important work of our organizational members visible worldwide, so that community activists, governmental officials, university faculty and students in other countries may learn not only about your vision and solutions, but also about the specific cultural context in which your organization is functioning.

Each organization that is a member of UCP-SARnet has on our platform its own interactive page that allows for the dissemination and updating of information about the organization's projects and events. It also allows posting information about volunteering and funding needs, as well as the opportunity to request feedback from other members of the network about projects conducted by the organization. 

One staff member from member organization has to register as an individual member of UCP-SARnet and serve as a contact person who has access to editing features of the interactive page.

In exchange we expect that the organization will indicate on its website that it is a member of UCP-SARnet and create a link to our network.

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