Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners

UCP-SARnet is inviting universities, community colleges, research institutes, global online networks, national/international associations worldwide and foundations that have global outreach and mission overlapping with the mission of UCP-SARnet to join the network by establishing collaboration in form of knowledge partnership.

The purpose of such collaboration will be working together towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals by sharing information and resources, empowering involvement in community, exchange of visions and good practices  and mutual support in developing of new community programs.

Organizations collaborating with UCP-SARnet will benefit from being a Knowledge Partner of UCP-SARnet by:

  • Leveraging the UCP-SARnet website as a resource to promote new projects, events, and programs;
  • Accessing the UCP-SARnet online library of resources and free online training workshops, as applicable;
  • Participating in multicultural dialogue on global issues

Collaborating organization agrees to:

  1. Create on its website a link to the UCP-SARnet portal;
  2. Register at least one staff member as a UCP-SARnet member who will serve as a contact person with UCP-SARnet's Executive Team;
  3. If requested, make publicity through its own channels for the online courses based on UCP-SARnet portal, courses offered by partner universities and events organized by UCP-SARnet;
  4. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with UCP-SARnet to this effect.

UCP-SARnet agrees to:

  1. Create on its portal an interface page with the following information: Website address, Physical address, Phone number, Facsimile number, Email information, Contact Person Name, and description of the content of collaboration with UCP-SARnet;
  2. If requested, make publicity of new projects, events and programs conducted by the collaborating organization;
  3. Facilitate networking between collaborating organization and UCP-SARnet's individual and organizational members;
  4. Invite members of collaborating organization to participate in international events organized by the UCP-SARnet;
  5. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with collaborating organization to this effect.

If you have a suggestion which organization should we invite to a partnership please contact us via email ( with the subject "partnership" and provide the url address of organization's website,  and possibly the name of the name of the person we should contact to initiate discussion on collaboration.


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