Individual Members

Individual Membership

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We invite students, university faculty members, officers of local governments, community activists and professionals to become members of UCP-SARnet. Please read below the description of benefits resulting from participation in our network.


For students who have ambitions of working as community leaders or are interested in learning more about community development, UCP-SARnet is the perfect platform for building networks and partnerships between people and other organizations, participating in workshops, and publishing work related to MDG projects, especially in the form of a Master's Thesis.

Our portal provides a platform for multicultural dialog about the impact cultural, social and economic contexts have on the organization and effectiveness of community programs. UCP-SARnet encourages all members to share their community experience, visions and solutions to local community needs with teachers, community activists, community professionals, students and governments worldwide.

If you are interested in multicultural dialogue on global issues or want to prepare yourself for a leadership role in your community, UCP-SARnet is perfect for you. UCP-SARnet enables students who have ambitions of working as community leaders or are interested in learning more about community development to do the following (and more):

  • Build networks and partnerships between people involved in community-related programs;
  • Learn about the role Civic Involvement and community organizations play in the realization of Millennium Development Goals;
  • Participate in interdisciplinary and international discussion forums related to Millennium Development Goals;
  • Participate in UCP-SARnet based courses;
  • Develop and publish new, community related research projects that can be utilized as semester projects, honors thesis, masters and doctoral thesis;
  • Show your creativity by contributing to further development of our network;
  • Participate in educational workshops and conferences organized by UCP-SARnet;
  • Learn how to build an internet community.

We have just begun inviting faculty who teach community related course(s), to incorporate UCP-SARnet as an instructional tool in their educational offer which will not only enrich their library of resources but will directly benefit you, the student. Hence, we kindly request that you not only become an individual member of the network, but also inform faculty you believe may be interested in joining our network.

University Faculty

UCP-SARnet's portal can provide inspiration for participatory action research and can be utilized as an educational tool in teaching community-related courses.  We invite faculty members who are in any way involved in teaching community-related courses to incorporate the UCP-SARnet portal into their educational offer.  This will not only enrich the library of resources but will directly benefit in the following ways (though not exhaustive):

  • UCP-SARnet enables faculty to build networks and partnerships between people involved in community-related programs.
  • Their students are encouraged to publish their works related to MDG projects, especially semester projects, honors thesis or master and doctoral thesis.
  • Faculty research and publications are made visible to our various UCP-SARnet members worldwide, and allows for meaningful multicultural dialogue on issues and synthesizing conclusions.
  • Faculty members may contribute to the workshops and conferences organized by the network.

As teachers we need to make our own contribution towards disseminating knowledge about the UN MDGs as well as educating new generations of community leaders who will encourage and empower citizens' involvement in social change. To end poverty and hunger, to provide universal education, to achieve gender equality, to improve child and maternal health, to combat HIV/AIDS and to secure environmental sustainability we need to create strong local communities and inspire civic movement.  We also need community leaders that are mindful of cultural diversity and welcome the opportunity that such diversity affords. You, the faculty, are a direct connection to these future leaders, and it is hence your contribution which will make the significant difference needed in order to attain the UN MDGs.

Community Activists or Professionals

UCP-SARnet allows to share with other members of the network information about the impact that the cultural, social, and economic context has on the organization and effectiveness of projects addressing the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Community activists and professionals will have an opportunity to share their community experience, visions and solutions to local community needs with teachers, students, community activists, community professionals and local government officials worldwide.

By using this platform for multicultural dialogue, all members can further develop their global perspective on local problems and better understand the impact specific cultural contexts have on the organization and effectiveness of community projects. By becoming a member of UCP-SARnet you will also have an opportunity to find inspiration, advice and consultations on community projects you are planning to undertake. You may also give voice to issues that should become a subject of participatory action research and invite researchers, organizations and sponsors to partner with our community in search for solutions.

Officers of Local Governments

Participants of the World Civic Forum 2009 declared:

"That genuine and sustained development requires governments to act not in isolation but in partnership with the citizens who are both stakeholders and beneficiaries;

That partnership should involve citizens engagement in information-sharing, policy analysis, decision-making, budgeting, program and project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and other related-functions, honoring duly instituted government authorities and responsibilities; and

That all stakeholders should inculcate the spirit of "humanitarian community" at the global, national and local levels for effective public and global governance. "

If you are responsible in your local government for developing partnerships with NGOs and Civic Organizations or involved with global sustainability and development in any other way, membership in UCP-SARnet  may provide you with information about community organizations that are involved in the realization of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs) in your country and worldwide.

From time to time UCP-SARnet will publish informal reports about the issues related to UN MDGs in various regions (written mostly by students or reported by local community organizations) that may inspire you for specific actions. Your advice and guidance regarding partnership(s) with the Government of your country and others with which you are affiliated are appreciated.


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