Join UCP-SARnet

UCP-SARnet's mission is to educate a new generation of culturally-sensitive community leaders who understand that governance in today's world requires global perspectives on local community issues as well as close partnerships between governments, universities, and civic organizations. We cannot achieve this goal without the assistance and dedication of all our valuable members, partners and sponsors, so we also invite your participation.

There are various ways you may collaborate with UCP-SARnet. If you are an individual, you may become a member of the network or register for UCP-SARnet based courses.

If you represent:

* An organization with international outreach (university, research institute, global online network, national/international association worldwide, or foundation)  that has a mission congruent with UCP-SARnet's mission you may submit an application for collaboration with our network.

* A local community organization (community college, charity organization, community program, organization sponsored by a faith community, etc.) you may apply for an organizational membership.

* Business organization enacting the principle of corporate responsibility, we invite you to develop a sponsor relationship with UCP-SARnet in support of our cause while at the same time benefitting from the realization of your corporate goals.

Please click on a relevant box below to read more detailed information about particular forms of involvement and to access an application form.














We look forward to a long term, effective and mutually beneficial collaboration with you!


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