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The Rotary Club’s department of wastage management together with The EmPeace LABS Club Ananda Bhumi Boarding school in Kathmandu and other clubs in the school, organized a day training for parents and relatives about the management of domestic solid waste and the role of Vermicomposting useful in health care indirect prevention and in a sustainable agriculture as organic fertilizers.

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Supported by the company Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd, and organised by ChangeFusion Nepal, the country celebrated recently social entrepreneurs and change makers.

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Nepal is one of the biggest Touristic destination in South east Asia. The small and interesting country is more famous of its high Mountains (Everest & Himalaya) but surprisingly not everybody realize they have their own Calendar and that they are actually in the year 2070. The following statements will give you a brief overview on the development of the Calendar.

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Meeting at the Reliance English Secondary Boarding School (RESBS)

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