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This is the channel where memebers of UCP-SARnet can share with the network examples of interesting community projects or programs that have a potential to be implemented in other countries. Topics pertaining to general MDG and Social Action work in different countries may also be discussed here.  

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Report by Flo and Dave Wagners from their trip to Zambia.

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I found this amazing site that provides an open space for development organizations to admit and learn from past failures. In our efforts to turn ideas into realities, lets accelerate development by ensuring that we learn from failures instead of repeat them—that we are failing forward. The site allows you to search experiences by sector, professional designation, country, or organization.

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The Quanta Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 that creates an interactive community of high school students and college mentors by developing and presenting collaborative projects that encourage science communication.

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Australian members met together to discuss the widening disparities between the rich and the poor and how to address this in daily work and in global solidarity.

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Department of Youth Devoplment and Training Has joined UCPSARNET as an organizational member. This is a goverment run organiztion in Venuatu. Its main goal is to help youth mainly from 15-24 to improve standard of living. To accomplish national, community, and individual development goals. This organization strives to complete this through Sports and recreation, youth devoplemt and the TVET system.


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New Choice is a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Ulaanbaatar that is looking for volunteers to participate in their many projects based around helping the Mongolian community.

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Supporting NGOs, governments and the UN in addressing development challenges in Africa

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