Human Rights and Social Justice

We are all created Free and Equal. Oftentimes the MDG issues are intertwined with problems related to Human Rights and Social Justice. The premise of the discussions here are that work towards the MDGs go hand in hand with the realization of all clauses in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  

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Sometimes as a full-time, 12 credit hour, college student with a full time, 40-hour a week, job I feel like I am unable to make an impact on my community and my world that is consistent with my beliefs. So I started look for alternatives that I could participate in. The internet has been a major source of my ability to interact with multiple organizations and programs, without giving up my precious study time. It’s not the same as being able to support an organization with “boots on the ground” or with any direct monetary support, but it is still an extremely effective way of supporting causes, organizations, and movements I believe in.

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