Human Rights and Social Justice

We are all created Free and Equal. Oftentimes the MDG issues are intertwined with problems related to Human Rights and Social Justice. The premise of the discussions here are that work towards the MDGs go hand in hand with the realization of all clauses in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  

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ONE's latest video highlights something remarkable: We now know how to stop the HIV virus from passing from a mother to her child -- and we can prevent any baby from being born with HIV.

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Senegal has a lot of human rights issues. There is a law present in this part of Africa that promotes violence against homosexuals. Many community members feel that this law is highly destructive and hurtful to all people and their communities.

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A friend recommended this article to me because I am very interested in civility in society. It becomes a tad political in parts, but it is very interesting as a whole. Also, Dr. Fiorni is quoted in it multiple times.

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Bangladesh has made phenomenal progress in one particular MDG. This would be reducing child mortality, which is one of the most important. Children are the future and we must keep them safe and educate them for a strong future.

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This is the blog for students taking Community Psychology class, but you are welcome to participate if you want to write about human rights and social in your country.

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