Discussions pertaining to MDG 7 and specific countries, organizations, groups or individuals that work towards this goal will take place here. As delineated by the United Nations, the seventh Millennium Development Goal is: To Ensure Environmental Sustainability by 1) Integrating the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reversing the loss of environmental resources, 2) Reducing biodiversity loss, and achieving a significant reduction in the rate of loss, 3) Halving, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, and 4) Achieving by 2020 significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers.  

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As a native son of Jamaica with extensive ties around the Pacific Rim, this region is of particular interest to me. I plan to make my career in improving access to energy in regions around the Pacific Rim, particularly in island nations. I look at the region summarized in this article as one full of promise and opportunity. While this article only scratches the surface of how sustainable development is occurring in this region, it's intent was to add contrast to the development that is occurring in other regions around the Ring of Fire. In the Western US and the Arctic, development is mostly driven by large scale renewable projects or mining/drilling for conventional energy. In East Asia, development is driven by technology and leveraging efficiency as a resource. This region is interesting because energy access is increasing due to rural development and low tech renewable energy solutions, proving that clean energy can be simple. Clean energy can promote growth faster and more cost effective than conventional energy sources. Read on and enjoy!

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I think environment is very important to us so we should and natural harmonious get along .If everyone makes a contribution to the environment,then our world will become better and better.I choose the environmental sustainablity ,because I want to make a chang ,maybe my power is very small ,but I know there are still many people like me want to do something for our enyironment,so just join us .Let's do it together.

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Some European cities are taking a different approach from most American cities when it comes to automobile traffic. Instead of making it easier for drivers, they're instituting more obstacles (such as creating more pedestrian only areas, limited parking, and more red lights) to encourage greater use of environmentally friendlier public transportation.

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The American auto industry is refocusing efforts on building smaller cars and away from larger, S.U.V.-type vehicles that require more gas. The move signifies a new era in the industry that will utilize technologies which are more environmentally friendly, such as manufacturing plants dedicated to building electric and hybrid cars. A driving force behind this change is a growing population that supports fuel-efficient vehicles which are also better for the environment.

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Researchers at the Unviersity of Illinoise hae come up with a way to teach sustainable development education to those in Africa, despite literacy or language barriers!

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