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There are so many different tools that have been thought relevant in people’s developmental projects both at individual and societal levels. Education is one of such practical tools.
Children in poverty make up thirty-nine percent of the population, and most of these children do not receive a good education because their parents cannot afford to send them to anything but a public school. This paper will discuss the education of children under twelve years of age who are in poverty, including programs offered to education children in poverty, how the government helps disadvantaged children, how the environment and ethnicity affect learning, and what can be done to help these children get a better education. There are many programs out there may benefit the education of poor children. Right now, the Federal government provides some funds to educate children in the public school system only. Often times, parents in poverty do not like the level of education their child is receiving, and they want to have the government help them pay to send their children to a private school to get a better education. The Federal government does not provide any funding to educate poor children in private schools. So many parents are forming organizations that put pressure on their state’s government to provide funding. Wisconsin is one state that parents are pushing for better education of children who are in poverty.

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The cycle – corruption > money >effect on locals.

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EARTHIAN was a project organized by Wipro foundatation.Our school participated in this project & we have gone to many places to spread awareness about the growing need to save water.One of our major visit were at the rural schools.We visited URDU MEDIUM SCHOOL & RAMLALJI CHOUBE KANYA MADHYAMIK VIDHYALAY.Their students gave speech to motivate the students of rural schools.

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Earthian is a program organized by wipro foundation and its founder Azim Premji.It is to spread awareness about some basis needs like water, electricity etc. Our school has won this award 2 times.This year's topic was sustainability and water. In this we went to different government schools in Jalgaon and spread the message of 'save water, save electricity.' We also spoke about our project.We also saw some machines like water wheel and foot pump. We also tried to make a machine or a merry go round with the help of J ISL(Jain irrigation systems limited.)it worked on the principle than when the kids played on it the water was lifted from the ground.

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