Tarumitra - Friends of Trees

AddressTarumitra Ashram, XTTI, Digha Ghat, Patna-800 011, India.
Phone0612-2560947, Fax : 0612-2227903
StaffDirector : Fr.Robert Athical

UCP-SARnet has approached Tarumitra (Friends of Trees) with the intention of creating a knowledge partnership. Tarumitra, meaning "Friends of Trees" in Hindi and Sanskrit, is a student movement to protect and promote a healthy environment on Earth. Started by students in Patna, India in 1988, the movement has spread into hundreds of high schools and colleges all over India. It has over 200,000 members in over 1000 high schools and colleges. Tarumitra has also had several full time volunteers from India and abroad.

Fr. Robert Athical,
Director of Tarumitra

Memory plate for the founder
of Tarumitra Ashram

Solar panels in the Bio-reseve
park created in Patna by Tarumitra

Meditation Tower on the grounds
of Tarumita bio-reserve

Statue symbolizing the mission
of Tarumita


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