About Us

University-Community Partnerships for Social Action Research Network (UCP-SARnet)

About Us

University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet) is a growing network of about 1,600 students, university faculty members, community activists, and governmental officials engaged in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) in 75 countries.  UCP-SARnet is dedicated to the education of the next generation of community leaders by compiling and housing an interactive online library of resources and facilitating cross-sector collaborations, networking, and multicultural dialogues.

UCP-SARnet has been developed and sponsored by the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University (USA) in close collaboration with the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) in Kitchener (Canada), Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (Poland), and other international partners.  Initially co-sponsored by the Centre for International Governance Innovations (CIGI), UCP-SARnet is currently co-sponsored and hosted by IGLOO in Canada.  Since July 2012 UCP-SARnet has been coordinating a project called Empowerment for Peace through Leadership in Agricusiness and Sustainability (EmPeace LABS) developed by a partnership among Arizona State University, the Gandhi Research Foundation, and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. in Jalgaon (India). 

What is unique about the UCP-SARnet network is that it has been created and is governed by students and community activists. By building the network as volunteers, interns or undergraduate research assistants, they have had an oppotunity to learn about the importance of partnerships and networking. 

By following the links from the navigation on the left margin, you will find detailed information about the mission, history, organizational structure, and leadership of our network.

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