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I am, like many enrolled in this course, a returning student. Rather than take the "typical" path to success, I was a scholarship baseball player out of high school and thought life was nothing but big paychecks and a continuous party. Reality hit and baseball ended. Instead of finishing school in a timely fashion, I decided to enjoy my early 20's and before you knew it my 20's were gone.

I am now a married father of two beautiful children, though they can act ugly at times, and have dedicated myself to finishing what I had started. Ironically, my son was my motivation to get back in school. How could I justify him finishing college when I didn't do it myself. So, this semester I will have my bachelor's degree and the bias towards school will have some credibility.

This course makes me somewhat nervous since I do not have a grasp on what we will be doing as of yet. The SARnet has thrown me for a loop but like all the other online courses I have taken, I will figure it out. I hope to make contacts out of this course almost as if I were in a classroom and meeting people face to face. We will see if the cyber-class can develop friendships like the traditional class. I am excited and typically have my computer near buy, so feel free to shoot a message my way.

September 18