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Professor Ramjee Singh (Born 1927, India) is a former Member of Parliament and Vice-Chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati University. He is an eminent Gandhian and has published a number of monographs on the topic. He was also the director of Gandhian Institute of Studies, Varanasi, India. His life has been a blend of being a Gandhian academician as well as an activist.

Towards his academic achievements, he has earned three Doctorate degrees, a PhD in Jainism, a D.Litt. in Hindu thought and another D.Litt. in Political Science in Gandhism and was awarded Emeritus Fellowship. He is a prolific writer and has authored and edited about 50 books mostly on Gandhism and Indian Philosophy and Culture both in English and Hindi. He was also a panel speaker at the International Philosophical Congress (Brighton) and Parliament of the World's Religions (Chicago, 1993), and Cape Town, 2001. He was secretary and president of All India Philosophical Association for about 12 years and is currently the Vice-President of Afro-Asian Philosophical Association.

As a social activist he participated in freedom movement of India in 1942 under Gandhi’s leadership. x He has also raised his voice against inhuman blinding of under- trial prisoners in jail before the Supreme Court and had moved a PIL for the protection of the rights of the landless people. As a Gandhian peace activist he has organized about 70 youth peace camps and helped to set up Departments of Gandhian Studies and Peace Research through the country from the time he was President of Indian Society of Gandhian Studies until present.