Maureen Schirmer

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Maureen Schirmer

Assistant General Manager
Paradise Bakery (Restaurants)
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I am in my last semester of college for my B.S. in Psychology. While in college I became interested in Women Studies and have worked on several projects to help better the community for women. One project included volunteering for GINA'S team (Getting Inmates Needs Addressed), which I learned the inner works of female prison centers, and how to help women getting out of prison. The duties in this organization included: speaking to youth girls in trouble, volunteering in homeless and women shelters, and spreading the word about the history of GINA'S Team. In a women's and WST 444 course, I was introduced to the Purple Ribbon Council, an organization aimed towards helping battered women escape their abusers and get services needed for their families. The Purple Ribbon Council sets up local meetings for women who are still in abusive relationships, and aims to be a support group for women who do not know where to turn to when escaping.

In addition to my school studies, I am involved in bringing local produce and pesticide free products to my community. The aim of this project is to have affordable produce and get the community involved in deciding where they want to spend their money in farmer's market.

After college I plan on attending mortuary school , upon obtaining my license, I wish to open my own funeral home.
My husband and I are avid animal lovers, all the pets I own came directly from the Arizona Humane Society.

I believe helping and being involved in the community can definitely impact how others want or are willing to help the issues addressed in the millennium development assessment. I think a lot of small steps can bring everyone to the larger goal at hand, and in the millennium assessment, real issues need to be resolved. The time is now to STAND UP!



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