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Mohamed Abdalla

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I am currently working on my Master of Science in Biology and society at ASU. I hope to gain experience and utilize it in an innovative and relevant program that reflects the changing health-disease environment of the twenty-first century. Through this, I want to develop the attitude, knowledge, skills, and creativity needed to improve the health and well-being of people in my community and around the world.

My interest in the neglected and reemerging infectious diseases stems from my visits to East Africa and by working with children orphaned by AIDS. This drove me to understand the plight of orphans in rural populations like the Maasai and other indigenous groups of Kenya and Tanzania. They are some of the most vulnerable populations to HIV/AIDS. The epidemic threatens to devastate them and further weaken their ability to cope with all the other challenges they face as indigenous people. Challenges such as food insecurities and child malnutrition. This further exacerbates their previously dire circumstances.

Personally, the issue has greatly frustrated me and at the same time motivated me to advance my understanding of the socio-cultural economic principles, and the healthcare conditions in these villages that led them down this road. Through this understanding, I want to grasp the multiple disciplines and theories that can lead us to the reduction and the end of food and healthcare insecurities around the world. I would like to assume leadership roles in designing and managing programs that focus on modification of life-styles and specific health-related behaviors at a global scale.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of UCP-SARnet community. I believe this program will give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of affecting change in a major scale. By utilizing my background tied to the ongoing interdisciplinary Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship, and by incorporating my cultural and linguistic skills. I will strive to bring positive change.