Iris Drower


Iris Drower

Clinical lecturer/Inclusion Specialist
ASU/PUHSD (Higher Education)

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  • P.O.Box 2159
  • Mesa, AZ
  • USA, 85214
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I am an ‘eclectic’ collaborative educator in the ranks with an international Ph.D. in Special Needs Education / Cross Categorical Development and a Master’s Degree in Higher and Adult Education. This is combined with over two decades of experience in supervising, pre-servicing, developing partnerships, instructing, assessing, designing and planning curriculum, collaboration, service-learning, conferencing, and marketing quality education in linguistically diverse and multicultural settings for the children, young adults with special needs and their families in the public, charter and private sector. I have and currently conduct field research, publish and present on a variety of topics and subject matter pertaining to the special educational arena locally as well as abroad. I will be working as assistant director to assist with the area of special needs education, policy, research and advocacy.