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I'm Gloria, a sophomore in SIAS International University in Xin Zheng, China, majoring in Business English. One of my favorite ways to spend leisure time is communicating with friends. As well, I like reading, traveling and swimming.

I have a nephew with Willianms Syndrome. All my family was very sad when they saw him suffering from such a severe disease. We taught him how to stand up and walk, and helped him learn to say mom. We enjoyed all his subtle progress but we were still sad when we saw other children his age saying and doing so many things. When I helped at an orphanage for disabled children, I realized there were many children suffering from worse problems. My heart was touched. I was surprised to see children were deserted by their parents. I want to help these special disabled angels like my nephew. I joined the World Academy for the Future of Women and had the opportunity to participate in the Milleninum Goals with other warm-hearted and responsible people, which makes me happy. With their help, I will make my small contribution to those special angels. I believe even a drop of water can make a ripple effect.