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I love UCP-SARnet because it is a good chance for the college students to think big about the world. What we can do and what we can achieve. I am glad to be one of it. Let's come together and share our thoughts~~~
I still remember the time when we did the virtual conversation at the conference hall in administration building. Our topic is about the peace building and I think that is so important because now we are facing a new world with so many thing to do than fight with each other. People turn to war for help get more power and resources, but the result is they lost more resource to win. And they will not win in people's mind. What I shared that day is if we have a conflict, let's talk about it and find a solution. Let's listen to each other's idea and do not just look at ourself. Share the idea and make a compromise. I think it is hard for people who have great power to do it but once you keep that idea in mind, that makes a different.