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Ashley Yoho

Assistant Property Manager

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  • Chandler, AZ
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I am a senior at ASU, with just a few credits left to graduate, although this is only my second year at ASU. I have also attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. I am pursuing my B.A. in Psychology and I have already completed my Sociology minor. Along with school, I also have a full-time job as an Assistant Property Manager for Mark-Taylor Residential. There I get to use my experience as a psychology major each day as I deal with resident issues and everyday interactions. This major has given me a great deal of knowledge about how to better handle difficult situations. My interests outside of work and school include: traveling, shopping, volleyball, spending time with friends and family, and lots more! My future plans are to finish up my degree as quickly as possible and pursue my career.

April 16