Adam Itzkowitz

Attending IIE's Peace Scholars program

Adam Itzkowitz


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1818 Gaylord Street
Denver, Colorado
USA, 80206
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I'm the Executive Director of Orbis Institute and the Co-Founder of
I currently sit on the Ngaathaje Development Project (NDP) Advisory Board.

Orbis Institute is an NGO based in Denver, CO (USA) and its mission is to develop global leaders. Our educational leadership programs are designed to advance awareness, critical thinking, and action, for future generations to address the global challenges of the 21st century. Our programs involve students in the US, China, Nepal, India, Kenya, as well as initiatives with countries in Central Europe and the Middle East. is a social business that is making social responsibility profitable for businesses. Greenlighted utilizes the world's most comprehensive research on social responsibility, and delivers that information to consumers through technology, allowing them to make informed choices about the companies they support. Greenlighted is a winner of the 2009 UN World Summit Youth Awards.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is an independent nonprofit founded in 1919, and is among the world's largest and most experienced international education and training organizations.

Ngaathaje Development Project (NDP) is a non-governmental humanitarian organization operating in South Sudan. NDP's mission is to help rebuild the communities of South Sudan through education, health, and sustainable economic development.

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