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My tasks as an executive board member for UCPSAR-net are social media and assisting with the Africa Leadership Summit. I am excited to be graduating this May 2012 with my BA in Psychology and minor in Family and Human Development. I am goal-driven student who has great team-orientated and organizational skils. I am hard working as I will be a graduate from ASU as of this summer after only three years of college education. Throughout the course of my college career I have been/currently am one of the Social Media appointees for UCPSARnet as well as the co-leader for the African Regional Leadship Summit, I am a mentor/tutor for America Reads America Counts, Research Assistant for the Lives of Boys and Girls Project in the Family Development Department, as well as the Programmer's Assistant for the Residential Hall Association for Hassayampa Dormitories. Arizona State University has given me plenty of opportunities to explore my talents, but these are just a few of my accomplishments. After graduation I plan on interning abroad, and teaching in Ethiopia 2012 with my church. I love going on mission trips and helping disadvantaged communities. Some of my hobbies include going to the beach, hiking, being outside, doing yoga, cooking exotic foods, and going to the gym.