Angela Abolhassani

Working on UCP-SARnet Newsletter Articles, UCP-SARnet Club, and collaboration with the Dream Rainbow Project

Angela Abolhassani

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I am thrilled to be involved in the UCP-SARnet community. I have found that the impact of such organizations as a vital networking asset for the international community is of critical importance to bridging the disparity between the industrial and developing worlds. At present, I serve as an English intern for UCP-SARnet. Nevertheless, the more I learn about the work of UCP-SARnet and its partners, the more my interest is piqued in furthering the cause and expanding the network. As a Freshman at Arizona State University I currently attend the Barrett Honors College and am double majoring in Conservation Biology and Creative Writing. I have traveled to 14 different countries and lived in Bangalore, India for 18 months. I am interested in a spectrum of international concerns from environmental sustainability, to ocean conservation, to gender quality and hope to learn more as I further my work with UCP-SARnet.


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