Ahmed Abdi Abdullahi

Ahmed Abdi Abdullahi

Founder and Facilitator of YERA Organization
Non-Profit Organization Management

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Work Phone:
+254 (0) 726724599
Mobile Phone:
7th Street Biashara Building
Kenya, 00621
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My Name is Ahmed Abdi Abdullahi

I am the founder of Youth Empowerment and Rehabilitation Association “YERA”. My areas of specialization are including capacity building of the community, Youth Empowerment people with disabilities and assisting vulnerable children. At present I am full time Director and Facilitator of YERA Organization. At YERA we also advocate for the vulnerable communities as well as the rights of the youths. I ‘m a Professional Social Worker and NGO Consultant with 5 years of experience as a full time social worker engaged in community development and educational programs.

For the last 4 years I have been working with the community on voluntary basis and I have also worked with different local Organizations. As a young Somali man I have liked to contribute my ideas to the other young generations around the world. I am always used to travelling and attending training workshops, conferences and which has enabled me to gain wide knowledge of different communities in Somalia as well as other neighbouring countries.

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