Values in Community Psychology Partnerships for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet)Rebecca Elton~ Values<div><p>At the core of a community they have their mission statement and goals. These are usually formed off of the values that the people of the community consider morally important.  When you ask a group of people what are values they say intangible things like reciprocation, economic security, support, family, and tradition. These are things we find…</p></div>Rebecca EltonMon, 03 Feb 2014 21:43:19 -0700 for community psychology<div><p>Values I believe are needed in order to establish community psychology. I can see how a controversial issue this can be relating to how usually psychology is handled. In the videos some of the values that were shown were trying to help families well being that are underprivledged. Family is very important in a community s oit only makes sense that…</p></div>Lizette CorralMon, 03 Feb 2014 21:35:52 -0700 Piao - Values<div><p>Personal values seem indistinguishable when kept at an oppressed state. The point made by Dr. Ochocka at the 2011 CU-EXPO in Canada alluded to the importance of global involvement in relation to global social justice issues. I believe these points are very important when considering the personal needs, as well as community needs within a nation.…</p></div>Crystal PiaoMon, 03 Feb 2014 21:14:58 -0700 Daoud: Values<div><p>Values are important aspects of community psychology because values shape communities in many ways.  There are many values which are universally thought of as good, although at varying degrees of importance depending on which of the many communities is concerned.  According to Nelson and Prilelltensky, Isaac and his colleagues came up with a list…</p></div>Andy DaoudMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:52:56 -0700 Sansome: Values<div><p>When dealing with problems like social justice, as mentioned in the video <em>Defining Community Psychology with Examples of Applied Research,</em> I can see how it is difficult to not use values in community psychology. The word justice in itself is defined as concepts of moral rightness. However, morality and values are difficult topics in science…</p></div>Domonique SansomeMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:49:19 -0700 Cenatiempo: Values<div><p><span"color: #333333; font-family: 'Helvetica','sans-serif'; font-size: 9pt;">Values are different for every person but are deep inside every human being. Values offer us guidance on how we should govern our lives in a positive way. With a good set of values, our society can be a good place to live. In community psychology, it teaches us about five basic values; are holism, health, caring, compassion and support for…</span></p></div>Julianne CenatiempoMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:24:14 -0700 Hickey- Values<div><p>Certain values vary across the planet. I believe values are the core to why we do the things we do. Our values determine our actions, the people we surround ourselves with, and who we are.  It's the reason our species is so diverse. Because almost every individual has their own idea on what are values, it makes it hard to say which values are…</p></div>Kayleigh HickeyMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:22:54 -0700 Tidwell: Values<div><p>            Community Psychology differs from most other sciences because it is fundamentally concerned with the relationship between social systems and individuals well being in the community context.  This is quite a controversial issue because scientists have known it and all that science should be objective and not guided by any values.  Now…</p></div>Elizabeth TidwellMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:04:56 -0700 Hartman: Values<div><p> Community Psychology differs from other disciplines in psychology due to its approach to examining problems in a social context. Community Psychology considers the issues and problems of a community not a specific individual, the vision and values give direction, and the principles and conceptual tools are used to address the designated problem.…</p></div>Cynthia HartmanMon, 03 Feb 2014 20:03:22 -0700 Peralta: Values<div><p>Some values implemented by community psychologists are focusing on youth and family health and women's rights.  Many programs have been designed to help address and prevent child abuse and empower women.  The value of a child is sometimes very different in families in different cultures.   Another area is the communication of families and what is…</p></div>Suzanne PeraltaMon, 03 Feb 2014 19:48:18 -0700