Regional Efforts Partnerships for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet)Trip to Zambia<div id="divIP0" class="itmPrt cnvLayer2""1" unsafe.freadrcp="0" unsafe.farchive="0" unsafe.folk="0" unsafe.fsup="1" unsafe.iinternetmid="-2118211483" unsafe.frr="0" unsafe.fmr="0" unsafe.fjnk="0" unsafe.fphsh="0" unsafe.fdraft="0" unsafe.iimgflt="4" unsafe.sfid="LgAAAADeRwokuRbWEbkOALDQPVwaAQC2Qm6SZHbUEbjoALDQPVwaAAALBIZKAAAB" unsafe.fexp="1""IPM.Note" unsafe.sck="RxMzIRvbekygmQ28pepT7AAAAAI3TA==" unsafe.sitmid="RgAAAADeRwokuRbWEbkOALDQPVwaBwC2Qm6SZHbUEbjoALDQPVwaAAALBIZKAABHEzMhG9t6TKCZDbyl6lPsAAAAAbo2AAAJ" unsafe.flocal="1"><div id="divExp" class="divExp"> <div id="divBdy" class="bdyItmPrt"> <div> <div> <div> <div><span face="Arial" style="font-family: Arial;">Zambia's Zoo</span></div> <div><span face="Arial" style="font-family: Arial;">Chipata had been our home for the last 3 weeks. It's a one street town of over 90,000 people 2 South African owned super markets where we find those fine South African wines.</span><span face="Arial" style="font-family: Arial;"> </span> <span face="Arial" style="font-family: Arial;">Few modern buildings housing a couple banks and a bunch of shops owned by either Indians or Pakistani's. All other foods and goods are sold in a…</span></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>Marek WosinskiSun, 20 May 2012 08:46:40 -0700 Who Don't Learn from History are Destined to Repeat It<div></div>Christopher Wells, MPHMon, 14 May 2012 18:10:20 -0700 Mentors Needed to Volunteer with Non-Profit - The Quanta<div><p><img src="" alt="""border-style: initial; border-color: initial; border-width: 0px;"></p> <pre>A professor of mine linked this organization in with his class just a day ago. I felt it was a very important group to have out there and wanted to share with others who might be able to participate as well. &amp;nbsp; Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we have initially focused our attention on providing mentorship opportunities to local high…</pre></div>Megan MitchellWed, 16 Nov 2011 10:12:57 -0700 Stand Up Event<div><p>On September 29<sup>th</sup>, 2011 UCPSAR joined with SCRA and MHPN to host a  "STAND UP against Poverty" event in support of the Millennium Development Goals.  Fijiian members also celebrated the event with a University STAND UP organized by Prof. Kamal Kishore.  The eight MDG goals include:</p> <ol start="1"> <li>Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger</li> <li>Achieve universal primary…</li></ol></div>Katie ThomasTue, 08 Nov 2011 01:59:21 -0700 Welcomes another member!<div><p>UCPSARNET welcomes another organizional member The Department of Youth Devolopment and Training, in Vanuatu.This organization is striving to complete many of the Millennium Development Goals for Vanuatu. Since 2003 when this organization was established it has been striving to create more development opportunities for youth. As well as establish…</p></div>Jon OakesThu, 13 Oct 2011 15:12:27 -0700"MDG Countdown 2011: Celebrating Success and Innovations"<div><div> <p><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">On September 21, 2011</span> <span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">in New York</span><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">, <a class=" WikiLinkType0" title="USAID" href="" target="_blank">USA</a></span><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;"><a class=" WikiLinkType0" title="USAID" href="" target="_blank">ID</a></span> <span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">and <a class=" WikiLinkType0" title="DFID" href="" target="_blank">UK Development Agency</a></span> <a class=" WikiLinkType0" title="DFID" href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">Department for International Develoment </span><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">(</span><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">DFID</span><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">)</span></a> <span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">co-hosted</span><a class=" WikiLinkType0" title="MDG Countdown 2011" href="" target="_blank"><em><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">"MDG Countdown</span></span></em> <em><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">2011: Celebrating Success and Innovation"</span></span></em></a> <span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">a</span></span><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">n </span></span><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">event that is the first of its kind,</span></span> <span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">bringing together </span></span><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">development leaders from across the globe</span></span> <span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">to share their successful ideas</span></span> <span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: 'Liberation Sans', sans-serif;">and collaborate with others working…</span></span></p></div></div>Omar SaleemThu, 06 Oct 2011 20:43:13 -0700 Update in Southern Africa<div><p>A quick update on the progress of Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe in regards to fulfilling various MDGs.</p> <p><strong>Angola</strong></p> <p> "UNICEF Angola Representative, Koen Vanormelingen, says malnutrition rates have gone down, more Angolan children are enrolled in primary school than ever before and almost as many girls as boys are going to school...child survival has…</p></div>Sonal PatelThu, 15 Sep 2011 20:16:34 -0700 Choice - Mongolian Volunteer Organization<div><style type="text/css"></style><p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">Founded in 2004 by Bayarjargal D, New Choice is a new organizational member of UCPSARnet. Their mission is to "improve the conditions of, and advance in life, impoverished and orphanaged children by promoting and protecting their physical and mental well-being, and furthering their education through the provision of facilities and…</p></div>Nicole HaleMon, 12 Sep 2011 20:19:59 -0700 Efforts: Africa (UNV)<div><p>Supporting NGOs, governments and the UN in addressing development challenges in Africa</p> <p><img id="iimg_-1677476512" src="" alt="240px-Topographic_map_of_Africa" hspace="5" vspace="5" width="220" height="241" align="right">On the occasion of Africa Day on May 25th, which marks the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963, now known as the African Union, we present a selection of online volunteering opportunities posted by organizations across Africa. The…</p></div>Osee LiebermanTue, 14 Jun 2011 12:42:23 -0700 advocacy group campaigns for the MDGs<div><p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">Recently the Pro-Poor Advocacy Group ended a two week campaign in The Gambia. The goal of the campaign was to make the Millennium Development Goals more relevant on a local level. Pro-PAG advocated to local development committees urging them to find ways in which they can include the MDGs into their programs as well as into their policies. While…</p></div>Travis PetersenFri, 29 Apr 2011 13:29:07 -0700