EmPeace LABS 2014

is postponed

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Next EmPeace  LABS workshop will take place in 2015.

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Development of technology seems to facilitate building partnerships across the borders. At the same time in todays world we observe so many conflicts between people and organizations representing different religions, political systems and values. How in your opinion we could overcome the challenges we face trying to build partnerships between people and organizations form different cultures? Explain your opinion in the context of the content of class materials for this week.

EmPeace LABS Reflection

Community Psychology-Catherine Trujillo

The EmPeace LABS project is a creative method to bring about social change in the domains of agri-business, poverty, hunger, and sustainability.  The LABS project aims to equip and educate leaders from regionally at-risk places.  These places are particularly rural, suffering from the repercussions of natural disasters and previous internal and external conflicts.  Rural and poor areas are particularly at risk from suffering the…

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